3 miscarriages and dr pushing IVF


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Reply Posted on: Jun 5, 2012 at 6:10pm
Hi! My husband and I have had a rough year. We have experienced three miscarriages within 9 months. We went to a specialists and he said I did have a mild form of MTHFR and Hfe (I believe). He did a hysteroscopy to remove a polyp and said everything looked good...Bo scarring, great shape, etc. He is pushing IVF because he thinks it is genetic. However, we have said from day one IVF is not an option because of the cost. We have a healthy son that we conceived and had with no complications almost 5 years ago. I talked to my OB and he is willing to do folic acid and baby aspirin since the specialist is pushing IVF. Any help or thoughts on this matter would be truly appreciated.

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RE: 3 miscarriages and dr pushing IVF Posted on: Jun 6, 2012 at 10:55am
I would requre so much more nformation in order to assist you. The MTFHR is not the issue. but I dont disagree with the baby asa and folic acid for this. Having had one previous delivery does not eliminate the possbility of a new immune issue. But at the same time there should be ways to concieve without IVF.
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