8 losses in a year...11 in total


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Reply Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 8:41am
I am 27. I have 3 living children, ages 9,5,and 2 and a half. I had a couple early losses in my early 20's, then a 19week loss at age 24, no cause found, both myself and the fetus were tested, all normal. I have since undergne a tubal ligation (2009) and then on to a tubal reversal ,march 2011.(HSG shows open tubes 5 months post OP) Since march 2011 I have had 5 chemicals and 3 m/c's from 5 weeks to 5.5 weeks. I had good rising betas and great progesterone numbers. one of them was on a femara medicated cycle, and the two other were natural cycles. I went on to a few more femara cycles ending in chemicals and even tried clomid. Tried the progesterone and estrogen supps as well in the luteal phase, and still lost the pregnancy.
I even did a cycle of the antihistimine protocol, and that one ended in chemical too...
I have been through the ringer with testing (RPL panels done twice, and the basic auto immune panel you get from your PCP when they are investigating odd symptoms etc) and all is "normal"
I asked my RE ( one of the ones in Albany NY) if I should pursue immune testing, and he said it would be a waste of time and money, being that I have 3 lives births with no complications, I should be able to carry anther one to term. I was OK with that answer like 3 m/c's ago, but now, here we are, and I am m/c today..for the 8th time...I am just at a loss...I guess I am just looking to see if there is really somethng that can be done..and if something could have changed THAT drastically in just a couple years...?
8 losses in a year
dying for answers!

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RE: 8 losses in a year...11 in total Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 12:41pm
it is possible for immune related issues to show up even after you have had several children and one of the most commonly missed diagnosis. You should have our full immune panel run as well as look for any infectious causes. But this most certainly sounds immune related to me. Hope that helps. Feel free to contact our office and I would be happy to schedule a consultation with you.
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