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Reply Posted on: Jun 28, 2012 at 9:03pm
I have a DQa partial match (4.1) plus an HLA-C partial match (07). No other matches. However, for my HLA-DRB1 test, it states "DRB3 PRESENT" for both me and my husband. Is this also considered a match?

I've already had a child and want to have the LAD test done - but will 3 HLA matches (assuming it's 3 rather than 2) make the LAD test undependable? Please let me know about both questions.


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RE: DRB3 PRESENT Posted on: Jul 2, 2012 at 10:51am
Okay first your 2 or 3 matches are of no significance, the DRB3 is just a supergroup with many subgroups so if those are not reported with your testing you dont know if youre a matcfh on that(but again it really doesnt matter here0.

The LAD test is only of value if you have made it late into a pregnancy but are having trouble again, no value if thats never happend and this has nothing to do with HLA (which again in your case is not a problem anyway)

IT sounds like your immune management is a litte disjointed.
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