HLA-DQA1 match with husband


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Reply Posted on: Apr 7, 2016 at 9:10am
Hi Doc,

May I please ask if this result of mine and my husband has something to do with our implantation failure 3 times and FET once? Is being same with HLA-DQA1 match with husband meaning we can't have children? Or what will be the best treatment for us?Mine:

HLA -DR 11, 14

DRB1 11,14

HLA-DQA1 5, 7

HLA-DQA1 01, 05

HLA-DQB1 0301, 05

My Husbands;

HLA -DR 1, 3

DRB1 01, 03

HLA-DQ 2, 5

HLA-DQA1 01, 05

HLA-DQB1 02, 05

Dr. Braverman

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a Posted on: Apr 7, 2016 at 9:13am
DQalpha testing alone does not in anyway dicated ability to have children, this thinking is quite old and outdated and wrong.

you do not have any compatability issues with your HLA genetics.

There is most likely another issue here , if you fill out a consult on the website we can schedule a free consult by SkYPE or phone to discuss.

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