HLA matches and donor egg


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Reply HLA matches and donor egg Posted on: Oct 14, 2011 at 4:46pm
Hi Dr. B,

My question is with 8 HLA matches between my husband and I, I am wondering if we would still need Neupogen if we used a donor egg. I know we will still need to follow my levels and treat the other conditions, but would that most likely take out the issues with the HLA matches (high nk cells) if we went ahead and used a donor egg? Or would we just need to address and treat the other underlying issues?

Thanks, we are just trying to decide what route to go to make things easiest on ourselves and the most affordable route. We were considering a donor egg for other issues not related to our miscarriages anyway.

Dr. Braverman

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Re: HLA matches and donor egg Posted on: Oct 15, 2011 at 1:54am
no donor egg does not solve the problem as it is your husbands HLA and the HLA on your white blood cells that are the issue, the egg plays very little part in HLA matching. So yes if you use a donor egg you would still need treatment for HLA issues.
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