Just wondering what you think after 8 losses....


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Reply Just wondering what you think after 8 losses.... Posted on: Nov 7, 2011 at 6:12am
We have had 10 pregnancies, resulting in 2 living children . A boy-2005 and a girl-2007 and 8 consecutive miscarriages from (5 to 11 weeks) since Sept 2009. Two of our losses did have to end in D'n'C's. Only one was tested, showing a healthy girl. We have gone for some testing but nothing too in depth, I have F V Leiden and showed Poly cystic ovaries on one ultrasound, Husby has amazing sperm count and mobility. So the treatment plan that we did with our last pregnancy was heparin shots, prometrium suppositories,(200mg) and baby aspirin. We have also tried Clomid another time. And now our RE wants us to try again with fertility injections, heparin shots, prometruim and baby aspirin. We aren't too sure they know what to look for and I think they are missing something!
So I was wondering what you would be looking for with my situation? And just what ever other information you could give us... I just want to know what we are missing, cuz I am sure there is something!!


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Re: Just wondering what you think after 8 losses.... Posted on: Nov 9, 2011 at 1:41am
Well you have to clearly look for something that has changed since you have had your children. Most common are endocrine(i.e PCOS) or immune findings. You must have a complete immune panel and rule this in our out then you can focus on the endocrine portion. I would be happy to help you complete this workup. Feel free to call my office and schedule a consultation with me , Im sure at least I can give you answers if not a correct treatment.
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