Pregnant for 1st time/concerned about immune resopnse


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Reply Posted on: Mar 8, 2012 at 6:53pm
Hello Dr. Braverman, I am 39 y.o. and pregnant for the 1st time. (A natural pregnancy, not IVF.) Previously I've had 4 failed IVF attempts. Since I have anti-bodies for hypothyroidism, I was wondering if you could tell me a range of where my thyroid should ideally be. I currently take Levothyroxine 75 mcg O.D. (I also take vit D, fish oil, and Prenatal plus daily.)

I reside in Boston, and even w/ my health insurance I cannot afford to be treated by you. (I've done lots of research on this.) Therefore, I wonder if you woudn't mind giving some recommendations; I am EXTREMELY concerned about preventing miscarriage.
-Do you think Resveratrol and Pycnogenol are safe supplements to help me avoid an immune response?

-I currently use a progesterone cream. Would you recommend getting my progesterone level tested to perhaps increase the dosage?

-Is taking prednisone something I should consider?

Thanks for your time!

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Pregnant for 1st time/concerned about immune resopnse Posted on: Mar 8, 2012 at 8:06pm
There are many issues to be addressed when you have anti thryoid antibodies and the TSH is only one of them(I like to have it between 1 and 2). no need for anti oxidants at this point I usually have my patients stop them. You could also consider starting a baby asa.

Without our full w/u it would not be fair to tell you the above is correct , just my best guess based on what you told me.

We have significantly reduced our consultation fees , Im not sure how long ago you called, but you may want to try again. There are things we can test for that might improve your outcome, but its also quite possible you dont need anything else but what I recommended above.

Good Luck.
Dr. Jeffrey Braverman MD FACOG
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