Recurrent later missed miscarriage


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Reply Recurrent later missed miscarriage Posted on: Oct 20, 2011 at 2:31am
Hi. I've had 5 total pregnancies with one live birth. A chemical pregnancy in 4/08, then my son born in 1/09(full-term C-section), then a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks(baby measured 11 weeks) in 12/10--chromosomally normal boy, a blighted ovum in 4/11, and now another missed miscarriage at 17 weeks last month(baby measured 13 weeks.) With this last pregnancy, I was on baby aspirin and progesterone til 12 weeks. All looked great. I had excellent NT scans with both my missed miscarriages. They were not able to yield genetic results with this last loss due to the baby being dead too long. I've had a hysteroscopy which was all clear and had RPL bloodwork done with my OB which showed MTHFR homozygous for A1298C(which I just found out today. I'd been told all was normal, but pages were missing from the report.) No testing has been done on my husband. Does this sound immunological to you? I was with CNY Fertility Clinic in Latham for this last pregnancy, and was told at my followup today that a consult with you might be useful. Losing hope and dreading another trauma like the two missed miscarriages.

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Re: Recurrent later missed miscarriage Posted on: Oct 21, 2011 at 1:09am
Ok dont loose hope I have many of these cases and so much to look at. Please call me and set up the consultation. Just and FYI new literature has looked at the A12C mutation in the MTFHR and found that the folic acid deficiency caused by this mutation can lead to chromosome breaks and miscarriages. Metanx is a treatment that has been shown to reduce this . Clearly there are other issues to look at but this is new literature I thought I would share with you.
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