Reoccuring blighted ovums


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Reply Posted on: Aug 26, 2015 at 11:04am
Hello, Dr. Braverman I emailed you as well. Just some background info. I am 26 years old. I was first diagnosed with elevated FSH/low ovarian reserve in 2014. I went on with three IUI's -- all failed -- and an IVF cycle with my first RE, which resulted in no pregnancy after transferring two 8-cell embryos on day three. My second attempt at cycling with them resulted in a canceled cycle. I was on highest dose of meds and really believe it shut down my system. I moved on to a new RE and cycled again doing a low-stim protocol where I did much better and had 5 blasts on day 5, two of which I transferred and froze three. This cycle ended up in a positive pregnancy, but at six weeks I had an empty sac in the uterus and no baby. A week later at follow-up scan, still nothing. I had a D&C done and tested the products of conception which came back as normal, female embryo. My Re then went ahead and did immune testing for NK cells and also the DQ-alpha on my husband and I. My NK Cells came back elevated. Just had a frozen transfer last month where my RE put me on Intralipids and steroids for the high NK Cells. It again resulted in a positive, but unfortunately, again, has resulted in yet another Blighted Ovum, my Re is not certain why this has occurred again and thinks it may come down to chromosomally abnormal embryos since my embryos were not tested. I guess I just wanted your opinion as to if you think this is more of an immune issue versus a chromosome issue and what steps I should further take in order to achieve a successful pregnancy. I am losing hope. Thank you for your time.

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RE: Reoccuring blighted ovums Posted on: Aug 26, 2015 at 11:20am
It could be both and both could be corrected. We are now writing about a syndrome CRAMS "correctable Recurrent aneuploid miscarriage syndrome" which means immune issues can cause aneuploid and both can be corrected. Best is to fill out consult form below and we can schedule a free consult to reveiw your case.
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