SCH, multiple miscarriages, autoimmune?


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Reply Posted on: Sep 15, 2015 at 10:13am
I will try to make this brief! I am 38 years old. I have three healthy children. The first two conveived via IVF/ICSI (male factor). The third required egg donor due to premature ovarian reserve failure (FSH was 30 something). First egg donor cycle miscarried. Second cycle was twins. Had a vanishing twin, subchorionic hematoma which resolved and carried the other to full term (my third healthy baby).

Trying for a fourth for over a year now. Using egg donor (but a new donor this round). First cycle resulted in another SCH and miscarried at 11 weeks.Tested for clotting and autoimmune disorders all came back normal. Months later tried again. Another SCH and another miscarriage at 10 weeks.

I have frozen embryos but am losing courage to continue this journey. MDs are sugessting that this is autoimmune related although typical clotting and autoimmune panel is all normal (not limited to but including Antiphosolipid and lupus). Genetic testing of the most recent two miscarriages are normal. I do have celiac disease along with the early ovarian reserve failure (FSH now over 40) which suggest autoimmune issues. They suggest that my body may be rejecting the pregnancies. I fear the SCH's as well, although they have no immediate thoughts on the recurring SCH's or if that is even related to the miscarriages. Their sugesstion, shoud we choose to go forward again, is to add steriod and blood thinner. We have no true answers as to what is going on. Does steriod and blood thinner protocol sound reasonable?

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RE: SCH, multiple miscarriages, autoimmune? Posted on: Sep 15, 2015 at 10:16am
First this is clearly auto immune . Second your center does not have the expertise to make a correct diagnosis of exactly what the disorder is, so should not be "guessing" as to what the therapy should be. I would be happy to assist you with this and you can fill out a consult form on our website and we will schedule a free consult to review your case and I can give you my thoughts.
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