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Reply Posted on: Nov 24, 2015 at 11:39am
I am 35 and my husband is 33 and we have done a few IVF cycles without any success.

Stage 4 Endometrioses

Laparoscopy July 2013

AMH - 2.15 ng/Ml (Tested 15.03.2014)

1.23 ng/Ml (Tested 02.11.2014)

2.71 ng/Ml (Tested 13.02.2015)

Anti Nuclear Factor 1:80 (Tested 13/02/2015)

I have done 4 fresh cycles and 2 frozen cycles in the last 2-3years.

1st cycle – Menopur (4 Amps x 3days, 3 amps until the end), Cetrotide, Pregnyl.

8 eggs, 6 fertilized, transfer 2 Blastocyst (Day5)

Frozen cycle – Transfer 1 blastocyst (Day5 transfer)

2nd cycle – Menopur (4 amps x 3days, 3 amps until the end) & Lucrin 20units

11 eggs, 9 fertilized, transfer 2 Blastocyst (Day5)

Frozen cycle – Transfer 2 blasytocyst (Natural cycle)

3rd cycle – Lucrin Depot 3mnts for endometrioses

STIMS: Gonal F 4x300units, Lucrin 10units, Pregnyl, Intralipids, Clexane 40mg

14 eggs, 5 fertilized, transfer 2 Marolas (Day5)

4th cycle –Zoladex 3mnts, Fostimon 300iui, Intralipids, Clexane 40mg, Cortisone 20mg, Neupogen wash

6 eggs, 2 fertilized, transfer 2 Marolas (Day 5)

I have done NK Cell test (Limited blood test) – nothing out of range

Mainly we get eggs and it fertilized. My feeling is implantation with the Endometrioses.

What protocol would Doctor suggest I follow?

Any more test that Doctor can recommend or changes in medication?

Thank you very much for Doctors time.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: What Protocol? Posted on: Nov 27, 2015 at 7:12am
You have not adeqautely diagnosed the underlying immune issues that are related to the endometriosis. Also it is imperative that the endometriosis be excised not lasered. I suggest you fill out a consult form on the website and we can schedule a free consult to discuss your case. (please also read our sections on the website for endometriosis).
Dr. Jeffrey Braverman MD FACOG
Medical Director
Braverman Reproductive Immunology P.C.