Yale biopsy and beta integrin


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Reply Posted on: Jul 4, 2012 at 1:17am
What do you think about the Yale biopsy and the beta integrin test/treatment?
I have spent some hours reading about both and to me it seems that the Yale biopsy measures things that will be treated by either progesterone or are a result of immune issues. I'm guessing this test is popular because the treatment involves conventional methods rather than "immune system treatments" which many REs are not willing to admit work.

As for beta integrin, it seems that Femara works just as well as Lupron in treating it, and it doesn't seem to be clear whether it's a problem at all since some women spontaneously get beta integrin without doing anything. Maybe it's hormone/cycle related?Would love to hear your opinion!

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RE: Yale biopsy and beta integrin Posted on: Jul 4, 2012 at 9:56am
First let me say I know the doctor who developed this test and I respect him and his knowledge a great deal. I feel that he is truley doing what he beleives to be helpful to his patients.
I will respectfully agree with you on this issue. Most of the treatments we use in infertility will already treat low integrin levels (i.e. prog, or femara). Also it may also be a sign of immune issues that we are also already treating. The beta integrin test only looks at one small window so taken alone I dont find any value and dont use the test, since we do quite well I cant say it is a necessary part of a workup.
I also agree that most who order it do not have a "complete" knowledge of all that is involved in the implantation process and are trying to do something to correct "unexplained" infertility. Doctors can only work within the scope of their knowledge.
Its interesting that the lovenox , nuepogen, and B HCG treatments we use also help to correct "implantation" issues.
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