conflicting blood clotting problems?


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Reply Posted on: Mar 12, 2012 at 8:54am
Dr. Braverman
First I want to say how amazing it is that you personally respond to all of these messages. After I look into my insurance coverage, I plan to schedule a consult/appt with you, but there is something that is puzzling me and I thought I'd ask.
Small history - No difficulties becoming pregnant all took only 1 month
1st - successful live birth 2008
2nd - spontaneous m/c at 10 weeks 7/11
3rd - missed m/c dx 10 weeks (baby was at 6w2d)
I am now 37 years old.

I was tested for several things while pregnant with the 3rd and it was found that I have one mutation MTHFR A1298C and free Protein S Deficiency (44%). I didn't think one MTHFR of this type was a big deal and also I thought free Proten S was low in pregnant people anyway. However, my OB feels that these two things are my issue.

The problem then is that I also have von Willebrand's disease and can therefore NOT take any type of blood thinner, baby aspirin, etc. I am very discouraged because from my reading of anecdotal stories, I feel like the key to success seems to involve one or more of these medications and I am unable to take them.

Have you come across a patient with this seemingly conflicting blood problems before and have you had any success?

Thanks so much for your thoughts - obviously you are limited on what you can tell me without seeing me and I undersand that....

Dr. Braverman

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RE: conflicting blood clotting problems? Posted on: Mar 12, 2012 at 9:30am
I personally dont feel your issues are thrombotic as you have had an uncomplicated pregnancy. when we get von Willbrands with clotting issues, they cancel themselves out and as you were told I dont put these patients on blood thinners.
the prot S is low many times due to lab issues as the longer it sits around the more the values drop so i never rely on those tests intitially and if I suspect a problem i let the hematologists repeat at their labs.

You do need an immune workup as this is more likely to be your issue.

Of course as you mentioned (and my usual disclaimer :( ) I dont know your full case so you can not rely on these recommendations for treatment until and if we have a full consultation, this is just for informational purposes only.
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