progesterone level 9.6 at 20 weeks pregnant?


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Reply Posted on: Jan 9, 2012 at 10:50am
So I'm seeing a Dr that has trained at the PPVI Institute b/c they have more progressive views on progesterone then my local MFM does. And basically, their protocol is 200mg of PIO twice a week...and if my level is still on the lower side, add in suppositories as well.

This Dr likes to do is a progesterone blood draw right before my 5th shot, to help get an idea what the placenta is producing. I do my shots on Mondays and Thursdays, so every other thursday I go in for b/w. My level was 8.7 at nearly 18 weeks pregnancy, and today it's 9.6 (and I"m currently 20 weeks pregnant). So it's not budging! Since my level started off so low, I've been doing 2 200mg vaginal suppositories every I'm just praying those are doing their job b/c I know those don't show up in b/w. But man, it would be really nice to not have to continue all this progesterone the whole time! Progesterone is supposed to increase father into your pregnancy, not decrease!

I just can't understand all of this! My Dr doesn't really say anything, just says they are giving me all they can and that as long as the baby is doing well, that's all that matters. I had a detailed u/s on Tuesday and baby is measuring 6 days ahead, so it's looking good...but I just want to know what would cause my body to not be producing enough progesterone!

I'm also doing a weekly 17HP shot that my MFM has me on....I do those on Friday and those are to help prevent preterm labor.

All this progesterone and my body is BARELY doing ANYTHING!!! What gives?!?!?!?

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RE: progesterone level 9.6 at 20 weeks pregnant? Posted on: Jan 10, 2012 at 12:35am
There are no good studies showing the significance of low progesterone in the second trimester. I have seen this many times without any problems. In patients with history of recurrent pregnancy loss and early labor I am all for treating this issue and once on progesterone however Im not concerned about the serum levels. I do agree with how you are being handled at this point as I see no harm in the treatment and it can only help. Progesterone at this point comes from the placenta and while a placental problem with production is unlikely an immune response to destroy the progesterone is more likely , so the replacent should be just fine. good luck this is all theory and no good fact, but I do agree that if baby is doing well dont worry.
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