recurrent miscarriage and chemical pregnancy's


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Reply Posted on: Jan 24, 2012 at 2:30pm
Dr Braverman,

I was wandering if you may be able to help me i am 30yrs old and have been having RPL since i was 24. i have had approx 8-10 RM + numerous chemicals. I first started losing my pregnancys at 6 weeks then five weeks and now i only get chemicals i get a v faint positive which turns negative the next day. I also had an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago resulting in removal of my tube and the need for IVF to time the immune meds. My ectopic was my longest lasting pregnancy at 8 weeks and the only one i ever saw on a scan, why is it that when it was in the wrong place it survived for much longer than when intrauterine?

i have had all Level 1 +2 test available to me in the UK and tested normal for chromosones but have been diagnosed Factor V Leiden (hetro), High NK 50:1 31%, low LAD, high Uterine NKcells, Tnf alpha 28%, 1 DQalpha match 4.1. AMH 28, FSH 7.2. high CD19+5, had normal hysteroscopy findings but with signs of possible hidden mycoplasma/ureaplsma to which was treated with antibiotics i have more antibiotics to take during cycle "just in case".

I am due to start my IVF cycle short protocol this month. In preperation i have had 2x LIT which raised my LAD to positive, just took x2 Humira shots and will take x2 intralipids, clexane,gestone during stims. I did another preg test yesterday which was v faint positive which again turned negative today, so despite having LIT and humira in my body (i was also taking 25mg steroids from ovulation "just in case") and the pregnancy still didnt implant properly. This has left me feeling very despondent about my IVF although i know i didnt have the pre-conception intralipids, clexane or gestone do you think this will make a big difference? This will be my very first IVF with full immune treatment but i am not feeling very hopefull that it work and i will still loose the pregnancy if it implants. If the treatment does not work do you think i may be a good candidate for Nupogen? And how do you work with patients overseas as i live in the UK, do you think there is any hope for me Dr B as im starting to think its time to give up completly and at what point should that decision be made? Is it the High NKs killing my pregnancys?
Sorry for long post & thanks for reading

Dr. Braverman

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RE: recurrent miscarriage and chemical pregnancy's Posted on: Jan 25, 2012 at 12:50am
I work with patients from all over the world. Yes you may be a candidate for neupogen. I really need to go over your case carefully with you and look at all treatments and timelines of the subsequent test to see the response you were getting.
Please call my office and we can schedule a telephone or skype consultation. I can fill in any necessary tests I think you may need and look at some other issues that are non immune as well.
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