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"We lost 5 precious babies, all late losses. Dr. Braverman's protocol to protect my baby resulted in the birth of our sweet baby girl."

Miscarriages and the Immune System

Immunologic Causes of Multiple Miscarriages

When the immune system is functioning correctly, it is able to recognize a pregnancy as a desirable condition within the body, even though the embryo will initially appear foreign to the mother. The embryo then proceeds to suppress the mother's immune system from its normal and usual activity of attacking foreign entities and in it actually initiates certain processes whereby it directs the mother's immune system to protect the embryo from attack by other sources. If the immune system is defective, however, these actions do not occur and the immune system itself can attack the embryo and cause recurrent miscarriages.

There are many complex ways in which these issues with the immune system manifest and interfere with the natural process in which the embryo helps itself. If you are wondering, "What is immunology?" and how it may be affecting your efforts to achieve a successful pregnancy, Dr. Braverman and our team can help. We can explain in simple terms all about autism, blocking antibodies, natural killer cells , natural killer T cells and activated T cells, HLA function, HLA matching and how certain HLA genes can cause miscarriages. We can also go over positive ANA and positive ATA, positive APA, positive ACA, T regulator cells, cytokines, dendritic cells and macrophages, activated T cells, proliferating B cells, and progesterone and beta HCG function.

Diagnostic Tests for Multiple Miscarriages

Our team will do a full battery of tests, answering your questions along the way and explaining what you need to know to understand what you have been running into. Most importantly, we will determine the most effective treatment for you and monitor your progress with the individual attention and care you deserve. In an independent poll conducted by the Long Island Press, we were voted the best infertility practice on Long Island three years in a row and we endeavor to continue living up to that standard.

Contact an infertility specialist for examination of your immune system and how it may be affecting your attempts to have a child.

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