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Endometriosis Causing Infertility

Our Research shows that Endometriosis is a "symptom" of underlying autoimmune disease. Both MUST be addressed for success.

Failed IVF Cycles, Miscarriages and Endometriosis

The condition known as endometriosis occurs when the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterine cavity (endometrium) grows in other areas of the body - usually in the abdominal cavity. This condition can cause pain, irregular bleeding, pain during relations or during bowel movements. There are, however, many cases of endometriosis where there are no symptoms at all and these cases are not discovered until a patient has had an operative procedure called a laparoscopy. At our practice we investigate into endometriosis if younger patients have had unexplained infertility, failed IVF, failed donor egg cycles or elevated FSH.

Endometriosis can cause infertility and recurrent miscarriages. Many centers assume that the only reason for recurrent miscarriage in patients with endometriosis is egg quality issues, when in fact many are due to immunologic rejection of a pregnancy. In fact many patients who come to our practice who were told they required donor egg due to their endometriosis were in fact found to have immune causes that we successfully treated and were able to help them conceive using their own eggs! The autoimmune nature of endometriosis can affect egg quality by elevating the intra-abdominal levels of inflammatory cytokines that the ovaries are directly exposed to. This causes a condition known as oxidative stress and raises the level of a "toxic" chemical called ROS (reactive oxygen species) that the eggs are exposed to. (This can be treated to improve egg quality). In fact in IUI cycles or in patients trying to conceive on their own, these same ROS molecules can essentially deactivate the sperm sometimes requiring IVF even when there are no signs of tubal blockage.

Dr. Braverman speaks about infertility as first symptom of silent endometriosis at Endometriosis Foundation of America


Patients with endometriosis will clearly benefit from surgical debulking in order to reduce the effects of endometriosis on egg quality as well as the immunological effects on implantation, which if not addressed, can lead to failure to conceive or recurrent miscarriages. You must have the surgery performed ONLY by someone very experienced in identifying the many different types and colors of lesions that may be present (even those only visible by use of a special dye) . It is also imperative that the lesions be "stipped away" and not ablated with laser or heat cautery as this will many times leave remnants of the endometriosis and we have seen significantly better results with stripping. Once the surgery is performed the "correct" diagnosis of the underlying autoimmune condition that led to the endometriosis must also be addressed so that the likelihood of implantation failure can be reduced with the next attempt at pregnancy whether with IVF or natural methods.

Treating Pregnancy Loss Caused by Endometriosis

If you have experienced problems with infertility or recurrent miscarriage, Dr. Braverman is available to provide you with help. Should your pregnancy loss be caused by endometriosis, there is treatment available that may correct the problem and allow you to successfully become pregnant. Dr. Braverman is a medical professional with decades of experience, and his practice is devoted to helping women who are unable to maintain pregnancy due to immunological problems. We have been voted the best infertility practice on Long Island for three years in a row, and we are the only practice that has been authorized to officially use the name "reproductive immunology" in New York State. We possess treatment methods for a wide variety of immune related infertility issues, and we are available to provide you with help in your specific case. If your miscarriages have been brought about by endometriosis, we will devise a personalized medical plan that is intended to effectively address the condition and bring about its resolution.

If you have suffered from a pregnancy loss that was caused by endometriosis, we could have the answers you need. Contact Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology today to learn about the treatments available to you.