What is a Chemical Pregnancy?

Preventing Chemical Pregnancy Miscarriages

A chemical pregnancy refers to a miscarriage that occurs very early in a pregnancy. This usually involves a positive pregnancy test, without a sign of a pregnancy seen on an ultrasound before the miscarriage occurred. Chemical pregnancies are quite common and most occur without the woman ever knowing she was pregnant. While most occur due to chromosomal problems in the developing fetus, other causes include uterine abnormalities, inadequate uterine lining, low hormone levels, luteal phase defect, immune issues, blood clotting issues or infection.

The likelihood of your getting pregnant after a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy, even in cases where you have suffered this multiple times can be increased by finding and treating the correct issue. It does happen that patients are told the condition causing these incidents is untreatable when this is not, in fact, the case. It may also occur that a physician provides excellent service but lacks the resources necessary to continue effective treatment, whether by way of accurate diagnostic testing or the corrective procedures themselves. Dr. Braverman and our team have resolved many cases which were considered untreatable or incredibly complicated. We consistently maintain one of the highest success rates in New York despite the complexity of our cases.

Helping Those Suffering from Very Early Miscarriages

Our clinic was voted the best infertility practice on Long Island three years in a row in an independent poll conducted by the Long Island Press, and we have been continuously able to achieve success for our patients. Our entire team feels strongly about the work that we do and it gives us great pleasure to see a couple achieve their dreams of starting or expanding their families. If you have suffered a chemical pregnancy, or recurrent miscarriages, consult with us so that we can determine how we can best help you.