Blocking Antibodies & Miscarriages

In certain instances, a pregnancy can be placed at risk by the improper functioning of antibodies – those agents of the immune system which attack unwanted elements, as well as related agents. When the immune system is working correctly during a pregnancy, atypical antibodies are created and attach themselves to the embryo. A typical antibody attaches to its target and is also attached to a white blood cell, which carries out the attack. These atypical antibodies attached to the embryo do not activate a protein called complement, which is thought to be the source of the damage to early pregnancies - thus the atypical antibodies effectively shielding the embryo from the immune system.

These antibodies also bind to cells of the mother's immune system on their way to attack the embryo, effectively eliminating them and protecting the embryo from harm. There are many conditions which may lead to a failure of the body to produce these "blocking antibodies." One of these is when the father has no genetic differences on important genes called HLA genes and in these areas is genetically too similar to the mother, this alters the normal mechanisms for tolerance by the mothers immune system for the embryo and instead of ending up with blocking and or "anti idiotypic antibodies" , the mothers immune system seems to produce attacking antibodies or complement fixing antibodies.

Dedicated Medical Assistance to Treat Recurrent Miscarriages

New testing panels designed by Dr. Braverman are now able to accurately test for these antibodies and identify exactly which of the paternal genes they are attacking or protecting. Combined with the clinical history and other results from our detailed immune panel our team can better assess the need for treatment which addresses the presence or absence of these antibodies. . Our medical team, led by Dr. Braverman, is adept at detecting and treating the specific factors present in your particular situation. We understand how upsetting it is to not know what is causing your pregnancy loss issues and we are dedicated to helping you resolve these problems and expand your family.

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