Doctor Collaboration

BRI Reproductive Immunology & Endometriosis Surgical Center

BRI Reproductive Immunology offers consulting services to doctors across the country. Drs. Melvin Thornton and Andrea Vidali and our research team, work with physicians from all over the country to address complicated cases of failed implantation and recurrent miscarriage associated with immune dysfunction.

If you are a medical professional and would like to collaborate with Our Medical Team, or an IVF center that would like us to assist you in diagnosing and managing any case of repetitive failed IVF or recurrent pregnancy loss, please contact our office by sending us a message below.

We agree to design a Complete Immune Management Plan and will be available to provide you or any doctor at your center, an Interpretation of all immunologic laboratory testing that we request. Our consultative service will continue until the patient is discharged from your care to her obstetrician. If you are the Obstetrician that will be providing prenatal care, we will remain available to you throughout the course of the pregnancy.

If You Would Like To Consider Working With Our Practice, Send A Direct Email Message To Dr Vidali At: [email protected]