Elevated Cytokine Levels

Inflammatory Cytokines and Insulin Contributing to Miscarriage

There are a number of immunological issues that can lead to the elevation of TH1 cytokine levels in the body. TH1 cytokines are a type of protein created by the immune system that has an inflammatory effect. The protein's primary function is to aid in attacking diseases or bacteria that enter the body. When cytokine levels increase as a product of immune system malfunction, it can result in an increase in the level of insulin in the body as well. Insulin is a hormone that regulates glucose levels in the blood. Increases in insulin have been linked to changes in ovulation and egg quality in the female body. They have also been linked to a woman's inability to properly thicken the uterine lining in anticipation of carrying an embryo.

All of these effects can lead to miscarriage, and if the cytokine and insulin increase is not treated, it can leave a woman completely unable to successfully remain pregnant. Dr. Braverman is a specialist in reproductive immunology, and possesses a vast amount of knowledge regarding the reasons for multiple miscarriages. At his practice, we have successfully diagnosed many women who have been unable to remain pregnant, and provided them with treatment that has fully halted their conditions. We are immediately available to meet with you in the event that you have suffered multiple miscarriages, and with a proper treatment plan, we can provide you with a strong chance of overcoming the immunological issue preventing you from having a child.

Immune Effects on Pregnancy

The immune system is a powerful defense against disease and infection in the body. When it malfunctions or mistakenly believes healthy tissue to be a threat, it can turn those defenses against the body, causing substantial harm. This can occur in cases where the immune system believes an embryo to be foreign matter. The immune system will attack the embryo, or the systems supporting it, and cause a miscarriage. Putting a stop to this process requires careful diagnosis and treatment at the hands of a professional with ample experience in reproductive immunology.

Contact an infertility specialist from our clinic for information and medical assistance if you have sustained multiple miscarriages and are seeking effective treatment for the problem.