In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

How Our IVF Center Will Work For You

Dr. Jeffrey Braverman of Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology hosts a full service personalized IVF center where he treats patients seeking in vitro fertilization treatment. He has successfully managed the IVF cycles of thousands over the past 25 years and he continues to put his experience and skills to work for the current patients he treats as well. The expertise and treatment methods implemented by Dr. Braverman allow patients to prevent miscarriage and provide new solutions to old problems for the patients who make their way to his facility. In fact, the treatments of in vitro fertilization that he and his team are able to offer are so unique, that patients travel from all over the world to his New York facility to receive IVF treatments with his team.

Under the direction of Dr. Braverman, his center can diagnose the most likely causes of previous failed IVF attempts and implement new and cutting edge treatments. The goal of Dr. Braverman and his team is to limit the number of infertility cycles that any patient will undergo before success is reached. As such, the assessment of a patient's past failures and the causes for them will allow for an appropriate treatment plan to be put in place sooner. Rather than continuing to try similar attempts to those that have failed in the past, the Braverman team works to establish new treatment processes to aid in achieving a successful pregnancy. Among the services offered to Dr. Braverman's patients include:

Full Service IVF Facility
Located at their Manhattan offices, patients of Dr. Jeffrey Braverman have access to a full-service facility for IVF treatments. This includes an IVF laboratory that performs ICSI, PGD, IVM, defragmentation, and early transfer. No one will be turned away no matter their age or number of past treatment failures.

IVF Failures?
Even if you have experienced one or multiple IVF attempts that resulted in failures, you do not have to rule out in vitro fertilization as an option. Where other treatment facilities may have failed, Dr. Jeffrey Braverman has often yielded successful results. Past failures are no deterrent, and no patient will be turned away from the Braverman IVF facility.

Our Success Rates
At Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology, we use our cutting edge treatments to help all patients that present to our practice. No one is turned away regardless of age, FSH level or number of failed IVFs or number of miscarriages. Except for those that were unable to still make an egg, the majority of our patients have left our practice with a baby regardless of whether they needed IVF or were able to be treated with more natural methods such as IUI or ovulation monitoring. As our specialty is dealing with the most complicated cases of infertility, these types of cases obviously make up a large portion if not the majority of our practice.

Egg Donor Program
For those who have been told they need donor eggs, Dr. Braverman runs a premier donor egg program. In addition, a thorough diagnostic workup may uncover diagnosis of the problems that have led to past IVF failures, sometimes eliminating the need for donor eggs at all. He can then work to rectify the problems of infertility that previously plagued patients prior to coming to the Braverman facility.

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Gender Selection
Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is a medical procedure used to rule out the possibility of genetic disease in a child prior to birth. This method can also aid in gender selection, for those seeking family balancing. Our center is nationally recognized for those that desire these important services. This is only one of the multiple services in conjunction with IVF that Dr. Jeffrey Braverman offers at his treatment facilities.

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All of your needs can be met when you choose to work with Dr. Jeffrey Braverman and his team of specialists. A unique IVF protocol will be developed for each patient in order to apply personalized and unique techniques to each individual struggling with infertility problems. The expertise offered by Dr. Braverman and his team of board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists has been perfected over the past 20 years. The procedures established and implemented at the facility offer unique and innovative treatments to those who may have felt that all hope was lost. Again, no patient will be turned away no matter their age, no matter their number of past failures.