Non-Immune Causes of Multiple Miscarriages

Potential Reasons for Recurrent Miscarriages

While the immune system can cause miscarriages by malfunctioning and attacking the embryo or fetus, there are also many non-immune reasons for multiple miscarriages as well as chemical pregnancies. There may be genetic abnormalities within the embryo or fetus, which can follow from these being present within the mother or father. Conditions within the male may also contribute to the inability to achieve a successful pregnancy, even after conception, due to certain specifics of the sperm male factor. Environmental or medical issues may also play a part, for example if the mother is exposed to certain toxins, significant emotional or physical stress, or previous IVF stimulation protocols themselves may be responsible.

Factors within the mother can of course also result in miscarriage. Some of these include uterine abnormalities, blood clotting problems or thrombophilia, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and other endocrine problems. Poor egg quality, low AMH and undiagnosed uterine or vaginal infections are also causes of miscarriages. Any of these can cause complications with implantation or the development of the embryo or fetus. Effects may be observed at different stages of pregnancy, which is why it is vital you receive competent medical assistance not only with your conception but also throughout your pregnancy.

Dedicated Medical Help: Prevent Miscarriage

Dr. Braverman and our entire medical team are committed to finding the real cause of your pregnancy complications. We will continue to investigate so that we can find the issue which needs to be addressed. Then we can prescribe the necessary changes to help achieve a successful pregnancy. Each member of our team has been part of the practice for at least 20 years and has the knowledge necessary to assist with your treatment and answer any questions you have along the way.

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