Past IVF Treatment Failure

How Braverman IVF Treatments are Different

Failed IVF cycles and entire treatment processes can be beyond discouraging for a couple or an individual who is doing everything they can to get pregnant. For many, in vitro fertilization is a last resort. However, it is important to keep in mind that the IVF failures of one treatment facility are not indicative of the results you will necessarily obtain from Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology. In fact, our team has implemented success in cases where other IVF treatment facilities have found no answers. In many situations, where other centers have failed to achieve a viable pregnancy, our practice has been able to achieve success. Failed IVF cycles may imply that implantation failure occurred despite the production of viable embryos.

When the embryo is not successfully implanted into the uterus, it will be lost. Understanding this is the first step to yielding different results. Under the direction of Dr. Braverman, we have adopted diagnostic techniques unique in identifying the causes of previous IVF failures. With this knowledge, we may be able to diagnose the problems that led to prior IVF failures and then attempt to prevent future replication of the same issues. Furthermore, our unique diagnoses allow us to initiate different treatments at an earlier stage possibly eliminating the need for repeat IVF cycles.

Past IVF failures? Treatment is still available!

When you're trying to get pregnant and attempt after attempt has failed, you have good reason to feel discouraged. However, you need not despair because there is still hope for achieving pregnancy. Our practice genuinely cares about helping individuals with their fertility issues and IVF treatment failures. Worldwide, Dr. Braverman has made his knowledge and skillset available to those in need. He is willing to meet with patients both personally and via conference phone calls and Skype. After a thorough assessment of your history and failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, he and our entire team can develop an approach that is tailored to the unique aspects of your situation.

This will take into account the causes which are believed to be responsible for past failures and will address the issues in a new light. Our practice has an outstanding record of success, and our attention to detail as well as our expertise in immunology sets us apart from other IVF facilities in the field. In fact, for many years we have been a steadfast resource and referral center for other in vitro clinics throughout the nation. We do not turn away any patients, regardless of past failed attempts, and complicated cases are clearly the most prevalant at our practice. Where others have failed, we have succeeded; where others have found complications, we have found solutions.