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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is particularly complex in that it is not only an endocrine condition but it also involves thrombotic and immune issues. The endocrine problems are caused by elevated levels of insulin and LH hormone and can affect egg quality and the function of the reproductive organs after ovulation. Other complications which can result in miscarriages can also be the result from untreated PCOS. Such issues can cause complications late in pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes.

Complications with IVF, such as hyper stimulation, failure to implant or chemical pregnancies, can also be the result of undiagnosed or incorrectly treated PCOS. PCOS rarely has the "classic" presentation of obesity, lack of ovulation and excess hair growth, and therefore many times the diagnosis is missed by the treating physicians. Patients with several but not symptoms usually have a variant of PCOS but most still require treatment. A family history of adult-onset diabetes is often found as well.

Multiple Miscarriages Caused by PCOS

It is important to understand but yet frequently misunderstood, that one of the symptoms of PCOS is elevated levels of insulin and a resultant byproduct called glycodin. These elevations bring about an increase in levels of TH1 inflammatory cytokines (proteins that aid in the body's immune response). As the level of these inflammatory cytokines increases, so do their inflammatory effects. This can bring about a situation in which the woman suffering from PCOS now has an immune system that cannot be successfully turned off by the embryo (which must happen for the embryo to survive).

These inflammatory cytokines can also activate the clotting system leading to "thrombosis" in the developing embryo as well. This frequently results in miscarriage and if the condition is left untreated, it may render the woman unable to successfully complete a pregnancy. For information and help regarding PCOS and multiple miscarriages, it is recommended that you contact Dr. Braverman today. He and his staff possess the medical expertise necessary to increasing your chances of overcoming your condition and being able to carry a child.

Prevent Miscarriage: Treatment for Recurring Pregnancy Loss

Dr. Jeffery Braverman has been honored as the youngest graduate of New York University, having been accepted at the age of 14. We are available to consult with you regarding your PCOS condition and its effects on your fertility, and we may be able to draft a treatment plan that results in your condition being halted for good.

If you are suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and have been left unable to successfully get pregnant, contact a reproductive specialist from our clinic today.