Pregnancy Management

Upon a positive pregnancy, patients move directly into Pregnancy Management. This is a very exciting yet anxiety provoking time for many of our patients. With the first positive pregnancy, we will order additional immune testing to see how your immune system is responding to the new pregnancy. Our medical staff will be available to you and your doctor for the entire pregnancy. (After 14 weeks you must be in the care of your Obstetrician who must agree to work with our therapies, it would be wise to try and identify a doctor willing to follow our protocols so you do not have to start looking at the last minute for this. Where we can we will recommend doctors we have used. After fourteen (14) weeks, we will work in conjunction with your obstetrician.

As is the nature of patients with recurrent miscarriages, we are aware that patients may have a loss very early after registering for our pregnancy management program. For this reason we will honor any payments for pregnancy management to any patients with a loss prior to 12 weeks and for up to 3 attempts to reach 12 weeks of pregnancy. If there is an early loss, you will not have to repeat this fee, however, you will need to repeat your immune management fee for your cycle care.

Timing becomes critical during this phase, which is one of the reasons why we require a credit card on file and we will immediately process the Pregnancy Management fee which is $3,000 once you have alerted us of a positive pregnancy test. As many patients will need adjustments to their treatment protocols as well as repeat testing, we will not accept any patients who are not able to commit to the pregnancy management fee at the time of registration, and understand this will be automatically processed once you have a positive pregnancy test. If you do not wish to have this fee charged, please do not start our program as this is our policy and money cannot be refunded once charged.

Immune Analysis and Interpretive Reports

As we follow your care throughout your pregnancy, additional laboratory testing for your immune system may be ordered. There will be a fee charged for the Immune Panel Interpretation and Analysis of those results. These tests are necessary to help define the role of the immune system in your pregnancy losses and make the necessary adjustments to your treatment protocol.

For patients who have insurance with Out-of-Network benefits, this fee will be paid by your carrier. If you have an HMO, EPO policy or are Self-Pay, the fee will be reduced to our self-pay rate of $200. You will be required to keep a valid credit card on file for the interpretation of ongoing testing for your pregnancy.

We believe that it is important for patients to understand the process, what to expect and what they need to provide to our practice so their experience can be as smooth and stress free as possible.

If you would like to learn more about our Pregnancy Management Program, visit our resource center or click here.