When Should a Patient Consult With Us?

1. Under the age of 40 and told you may need donor eggs or have unexplained poor egg or embryo quality. If you have a low AMH or Elevated FSH that cannot be explained by your age.

2. Endometriosis with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and/or IVF Failures

3. If you are receiving Immune Therapy from a clinic without a "Complete" Immunology “Risk Assessment” Evaluation (See our Diagnostic Testing Page for the definition of a "Complete" workup)

4. Two or more early miscarriages before a heartbeat was detected (for example, a Chemical Pregnancy or a Blighted Ovum)

5. Patients that have a diagnosis of PCOS and have experienced multiple miscarriages or late pregnancy complications. PCOS has a strong negative effect on the immune regulation of pregnancy. This includes patients with a diagnosis of PCOS which most have:

A. Greater than 20 Eggs Retrieved with an IVF Cycle

B. History of Gestational Diabeties during Pregnancy

C. Strong Family History of Diabeties

6. ANY pregnancy loss after the fetal heart beat was detected (unless testing of the pregnancy, after a D & C showed a genetic abnormality)

7. ANY pregnancy loss which is tested and found to be genetically normal after a D & C (You don't have to have more than one of these before you contact us)

8. ANY stillbirth (a pregnancy loss after 20 weeks). Although many patients are told there is no explanation for their stillbirth, the majority of these "unexplained" stillbirths are most likely due to undiagnosed immune issues. It is "rarely" caused by a cord around the neck!

9. ANY failure of a Donor Egg or Donor Embryo Cycle

10. ANY patient with an autoimmune disease that has experienced an early pregnancy loss or late pregnancy complication (such as preeclampsia).

11. Anyone that has had Preeclampsia, Placental Abruption, or Pre-Term Labor (which are strong signs of an auto-immune issue) in a prior pregnancy followed by ANY miscarriage or other reproductive failure.

12. Birth of a son followed by multiple pregnancy losses.

13. Failed IVF cycles despite the transfer of good quality embryos.

14. ANY patient that has a child on the Autism Spectrum and is trying to have another child especially if you have experienced a miscarriage at any time (as this could be a sign of known or underlying autoimmune issues which if untreated may play a large role in the development of Autism as well as miscarriages).

15. Failure of an IVF cycle with PGS or CGH normal embryos.

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