Working with Our Center

Prevent Miscarriage(s) With Leading Experts

Now that you have decided to start your family with BRI Reproductive Immunology & Endometriosis Surgical Center, we are committed to making to making sure your journey to parenthood as stress-free as possible. We are here to help you achieve a successful pregnancy in a caring and supportive environment, by providing expertise, resources and experience that are second to none!

Dr Thornton and his team understand that the journey many couples face can seem frustrating and overwhelming since many of you have been on this journey for a very long time. If you need immunological testing or if you are ready to discuss treatment options , our team at BRI Reproductive Immunology will provide the answers, support, and guidance you are looking for.

We encourage patients to Request A Consultation which is conveniently located on our website.

We start our New Patients with a TeleMed Consultation with Dr Thornton, so that together you and he can assess your needs for the services of BRI Reproductive Immunology. You will be sent an email with all the necessary information to Get Started! You will have an opportunity to set up your personal Dashboard so that you can easily upload all the intake information we need along with helpful instructions on how to Register with our Practice as an Immune Management Patient!

Upon completion of your intake information, our staff coordinators will schedule your TeleMed Consultation with Dr Thornton. Dr Thornton will review your Medical/Fertility history, any current immune testing you already had, then further discuss a protocol plan and design for your fertility cycle.

If more complete testing is needed, we will initiate that recommendation for a “Risk Assessment”, you will be referred to Pregmune. Pregmune is a Reporting Company that provides a proprietary comprehensive testing and AI-Powered Analysis that will assess your risk for failure and provide to us the clinical results necessary to generate for you our unique tailor-designed treatment plan.

Management will begin upon your decision to move forward along with financial clearance in order to begin coordination or receive any recommendations.

Once BRI receives these reports from Pregmune, you will schedule your “Immune Management Results Review” with Dr Thornton, and we will begin your coordination of care along with your treatment plan and design protocol.

For those patients who would like to move quickly, we provide a Fast-Track Option. Please let us know whichever is the most comfortable and appropriate plan for you.

Since so many patients who find us, suffer with recurring losses, it is vital that we give our patients a complete and accurate diagnosis to provide the answers for their recurrent pregnancy losses.

We take pride in the level of care we give our patients.

Should you have any questions about our practice, services, or policies please do not hesitate to call or email us at our main office.

Thank you for choosing BRI Reproductive Immunology & Endometriosis Surgical Center. We look forward to working with you helping you achieve a successful pregnancy.