Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have many questions about the process, please click on the section below that pertains to you.

New Patients

How do I schedule my Free Phone Consultation?

Fill out the Consult Request form on our Website. Once completed you will receive an email with your appointment day and time. A member of our medical team will contact you on the day of your appointment to review your medical history and determine if our office is the right fit for you.

Do you accept insurance?

We are currently Out of Network with ALL Insurance Carriers. If your policy has out of network benefits, we may be able to bill the services to your Insurance Carrier. You will be responsible for your deductible, coinsurance and any unpaid services.

If you have a strict HMO or EPO policy with no out of network benefits, you will be a Self-Pay Patient with our practice.

Who will review my Immune Results with me?

Your Immune Results will be ready within six (6) weeks of the date you were drawn. At that time, you will have an Immune Review via phone with a member of our medical team. You will need to contact our office to schedule your Immune Review Appointment after you have your Immune Testing done.

What if I decide to not move forward with treatment with Dr Braverman after I am registered as an immune management patient and have paid the fee?

Before you pay for your immune management package be aware that THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Once we order your immune testing, we will analyze your test results and give you a complete immunological assessment and diagnosis. A significant amount of time goes into preparing the initial assessment and evaluation. Please be aware of our “no refund” policy before registering with our practice. You will be responsible for this fee even if you choose not to be treated or perform any assisted reproductive cycles (IVF, FET or IUI).>

What if I cannot find a local doctor to collaborate with Dr Braverman?

We strongly suggest that before registering as an immune management patient with our practice that you have a doctor that will collaborate with our center. Many patients that cannot find a collaborating physician will come to our center and have their initial appointment with us. Patients will monitor with their local doctor then come to our center for their IVF procedures. Then we can manage your care directly with you.

What does my doctor need to do in order to collaborate with Dr Braverman regarding my care?

In order for your local doctor to collaborate with Dr Braverman and receive the treatment protocol, the treating physician must officially request a consult from us by going to our website and clicking on “Doctor Consultations” and complete the short online form. You may also provide them with this link:

Doctor Consultation link:

If you have never been seen by our practice and are not from NY or NJ, Dr. Braverman and our Medical Staff can only communicate his immune analysis to your local Physician. However, your consulting doctor may request by email that our medical team communicate your results directly with you.

Immune management protocol will only be developed and given to the physician performing the fertility cycle and will not be given to the patient or any third party. It is important that you are aware of this policy before you pay for our services.

What if my doctor will not give out his email address?

An email address is required if we are to communicate with your local physician.

Fax communication with your physician’s office is not a reliable option.

What happens after I submit my Registration as an Immune Management Patient?

Upon receipt of your completed package, credit card authorization and your registration fee of $3,000 we will begin to organize your testing and your New Patient Appointment with Dr Braverman or Dr. Vidali. A member of our staff will be in contact with you within two (2) weeks of sending your completed paperwork back. Please be sure to fully complete your registration packet, missing information will result in delays to your testing.


What insurance plans do you accept?

We are currently Out of Network with ALL Insurance Carriers. If your policy has out of network benefits, we may be able to bill the services to your Insurance Carrier. You will be responsible for your deductible, coinsurance and any unpaid services.

If you have a strict HMO or EPO policy with no out of network benefits, you will be a Self-Pay Patient with our practice.

Will you check my insurance coverage for me?

Yes, as a courtesy, once you become an established patient at our center, we will have our verification department check your benefits. However, we cannot guarantee these benefits to you, as we are not your insurance carrier. It is up to the patient to know their benefits and confirm that information with their insurance carrier.

Will my insurance carrier pay for my $3000 Registration Fee? How much will I be reimbursed?

As a courtesy, we will submit claims to your insurance carrier for your immune assessment and interpretation of your immune blood work. Only the first immune interpretation is included in the Registration Fee. These will be the only reimbursements given to you by your insurance carrier. All other insurance checks must be forwarded to our office within 10 business days.

Both CPT codes 99340 and 88189 will be billed using an Immune Disorder diagnosis code D89.89. Reimbursement amounts will vary carrier to carrier.

Please be aware that some carriers do not cover the services. We cannot guarantee any insurance reimbursement.

What is included in my $3000 Registration Fee?

  • Complete Immunological Assessment and Profile with Detailed Diagnosis
  • Initial Interpretation and Analysis of your Immunological Blood work
  • Full Review of Testing Results via Phone/Skype (not in office)
  • Immune Management for: three (3) Natural/IUI -OR- one (1) IVF/FET/DONOR (packages cannot be converted)
  • Coordination of care with local Physician (RE or OB) with written consult request for Natural Cycles and IUI Cycles.
  • Dr. Braverman and our medical team will manage your immune cycle with your local center and be available for any questions.

This fee is for non-face to face service we provide. It does NOT include any in office visits.


  • Laboratory Fees
  • New patient Visit: Insurance OR $900
  • Medications

Is my new patient visit included in my $3000 registration fee?

No, your new patient visit is not included in your registration fee. Your new patient visit will be billed to your insurance carrier if you have out of network benefits. If you have not met your deductible, you will be responsible for that payment at the time of your initial visit. If your policy has a high deductible or you have a strict HMO or EPO policy, you will be a self-pay patient for this visit and will be responsible for the full fee of the visit, which is $900.

Do I have to pay for the interpretation of my immune testing?

Only the first immune interpretation is included in your Registration Fee. All repeat immune testing will have a $200 interpretation fee. If you have insurance with out of network benefits, we will bill this charge to your insurance carrier. You are responsible for any deductible that is applied to that payment. If you have an HMO or EPO you will be billed our self-pay rate of $200.

Can I keep the payments my insurance company sends to me?

As stated in our Financial Policy, all payments for our services must be forwarded to our office within 10 business days. The only insurance reimbursements you can keep are for any service that you paid out of pocket for initially, such as:

(1) Reimbursement for your $3,000 Registration Fee.

(2) Reimbursement for your First Immune Interpretation.

If there is any confusion, please contact the office immediately and our billing department can help you understand if the payment is a reimbursement to you.

How much will the laboratory cost me for my immune bloodwork? Can I get a quote?

For patients that have no insurance coverage, ReproSource will discount their testing according to their Self-Pay Fee Schedule. For patients who have insurance with out of network benefits, ReproSource will offer a Safe Guard Program. The purpose of the Safe Guard Program is to cap the total expense a patient will be responsible for the testing. In some case, patients have been given refunds from the laboratory depending on the insurance they have. This should be discussed directly with ReproSource and not our staff. Be aware, the laboratory cannot give any quotes without an order for testing from the ordering physician.

  • Couples Immune Panel 4.0 Safe Guard: Safe Guard: Female $1,451.00 - $1,740.00, Male $125.00 - $511.00 Self Pay: Female $2,697.00 - $3,184.00, Male $378.00 - $947.00
  • Monitoring Panel 4.0 (Female Non-Pregnant Patients) Safe Guard: $ 994.00 Self Pay: $1,617.00. Ordered for any Failed Cycle
  • Immune Screening Panel Expanded (Female Pregnant Patients) Safe Guard: $ 740.00 Self Pay: Approx. $1,203.00. Ordered when Following an ongoing Pregnancy.

This is for informational purposes only. This is not a quote, nor can this information be used as such. ReproSource has no financial relationship with our practice. Any quotes are subject to changes based on the laboratory’s own fees for services.

Financing Options With New Life Fertility Agency

Is there Financing Available to me for the registration fee and the bloodwork I will need?

Yes. New Life Fertility offers Low Cost Loan(s) to make it easier for our Patients to afford both the Immunological Evaluation & Assessment and Testing they need.

Where can I get more information or apply for a Low Cost Loan with New Life Agency?

You can contact New Life Agency directly. Their representative(s) are available to assist you through the loan process and answer all your questions.

You can visit their Website at:

You may call them directly at: 1.877.952.5433(LIFE)