Insurance and Fees

Have you experienced recurrent pregnancy loss? Achieving a successful pregnancy is the reason you have come to BRI to consult with Dr Vidali & Dr Thornton who are experts in the field of Reproductive Immunology.

We understand the importance of having complete financial information to help our patients make informed decisions when moving forward with their treatment. Whether this is your first attempt at IVF or your 10th we want to make sure it is successful!

New Patient Registration

Once you have Registered as a New Patient with our practice you will be scheduled for a TeleMed Consultation. For patients who have insurance with out-of-network benefits, we will bill services to your insurance carrier.

For patients with No Insurance, High Deductible or strict HMO/EPO Policies, the New Patient TeleMed Appointment will be reduced to our self-pay rate of $350.

We will work with All Insurance Carriers with Out-of-Network Benefits.

Simply contact your insurance carrier to see if you have out of network benefits on your policy and verify your deductible. For out-of-state patients, we advise you to confirm with your carrier that you can see a physician in the New York/ New Jersey Area.

Our Management Services

Drs. Vidali and Thornton and their team understand that the journey many couples face can seem frustrating and overwhelming. Many patients have never been properly diagnosed. BRI may initiate a recommendation for our patients to have a complete “Risk Assessment”. We utilize the scientific services of “Pregmune” which is a testing and reporting company that provides a proprietary comprehensive testing and AI-Powered Analysis that will assess your risk for failure. BRI will use those clinical results and generate a unique, tailor-designed treatment plan.

This is why BRI has become preeminent in the field of Reproductive Immunology with the capability to manage patients locally and around the country, which is why patients will Register with our practice for their immune management.

Our Management Program is “Fee for Service”. Which means, patients are financially responsible for their cycle management, and we do not offer any packages. All our other medical services such as TeleMed consultations and in person care are billable to patient plans with out of network benefits.

Management Services With Our Practice or Collaboration with your Local Center
(Not Billable to Any Insurance Plan)

  • Management Fee(s): $ 3,000
  • Subsequent Management Cycle Fee: $ 2,000
  • Pregnancy Management Fee: $ 3,000

    We take pride in offering the highest standard of care for our Management Patients.

    Should you have any questions about our practice, services, or policies please do not hesitate to call or email us at our main office. You may also visit our Resource Center.

    Thank you for choosing BRI Reproductive Immunology & Endometriosis Surgical Center. We look forward to working with you helping you achieve a successful pregnancy.