Client Reviews

Dear Dr. Braverman & Dr Vidali,

When I met you in August of 2015 I had 7 failed FETs and one miscarriage. I was shattered and began to believe I would never become a mom. I had been rejected at "big" IVF clinics and was not taken seriously at my current one when I had inquired after my 2nd failed FET about the possibility of having endometriosis and immune issues. My questioning of this came after finding your website.

When my husband Scott and I sat with you last August, I admit I was overwhelmed. However, I will never forget two things you said to me- 1st being is that you had a treatment plan: 2nd being is that you had hope. No one had ever given me that and at that point I had none.

I decided at that point to put my trust and faith in you and your approaches. It is a decision I will never ever regret. I loved coming to see you every week. I remember being so sad and scared when I left you at 12weeks. With you by our side Scott and I no longer had to walk alone.

Dr Vidali is the most amazing surgeon and made us feel comfortable from the minute we met him. Your staff is wonderful and always made me feel at home when I came to the office.

On October 4, 2016 you made our dreams become a reality. I gave birth to miracle twin boys- Easton James, 6lbs 2oz and Mason Leo, 6lbs 2oz. (Easton has dark hair, Mason has light hair)

Please feel free to share our story in hopes it will help others on the journey of infertility.

Here are some pictures. We would love to come see you!!

Thank you doesn't even began to express our gratitude and respect for you! There are not enough words...

Liz & Scott Derkevics

"I know how hard the holidays can be when you are struggling with infertility and loss, so I wanted to share a small piece of my story in case it can give you some hope during this difficult time. Both miscarriage and babies are mentioned, so if these things are triggering, please don't read on. The last thing I want to do is upset anyone. Two Christmases ago, I woke up covered in blood. I left my house after stockings, but before presents, to drive an hour to the fertility clinic. After an ultrasound, the doctor confirmed that our much-longed-for baby no longer had a heartbeat. That was, by far, the worst Christmas of my life. Later, testing would reveal that the embryo was a genetically normal girl. That wasn't my first or last loss, but it was the only one we had tested--because of this it hit me the hardest. She was a girl. Our girl. She left us on Christmas, but she would never open a single present, never help decorate the tree, never do anything at all. There was nothing wrong with her, so why did she leave us? At my follow-up appointment after the D & C, my fertility doctor diagnosed me with diminished ovarian reserve. She suggested donor eggs. I flat-out didn't believe her. It took several more months and another failed IVF, but eventually I contacted Doctor Braverman, found out I had endometriosis and several immune issues and got those things treated. This Christmas I will be celebrating with my six-month old baby...also a little girl. Her middle name is Hope. She has my eyes and her daddy's mischievous grin, and every time she smiles it feels like the best thing that's ever happened to me. Please don't give up hope. Miracles do happen. Yours is coming."

"One year ago on Halloween, this precious pumpkin was nestled in the pumpkin patch! We wouldn't have this amazing gift of a boy if it wasn't for Dr. Vidali and the entire team at Braverman IVF. Thank you for pushing the envelope with your work and looking beyond the standard. Dreams really do come true! 💙 And yes, Tristan James Bettencourt has officially made his Facebook debut!" - Farrah Phillipo

"After 4 ER's, a lap and being in 4 states we finally got our miracle! Diagnosis: stage 4 silent endo found with large endometrioma on ovary (surgery done In NY with one of Dr B's recommended surgeons), DOR (dx at age 28), poor egg quality and very high cytokines. Successful protocol: Dr B endo supplement protocol for ~9 months prior to ER's post lap. 2 Lupron flare banking cycles with Lovenox, Metformin and Prednisone. 4 day 3 embryos frozen of fair quality. FET immune protocol by Braverman included: 60g IVIG q 3 weeks, IL q 2 weeks, Neupogen, high Prednisone, Metformin, Lovenox and Femara. I owe this to some incredible doctors. A RE that was reluctant to freeze early but did and found a stimulation protocol that worked for me. Most of all a big thank you to Dr. Braverman & Dr Vidali and their extensive research in RI and treating endometriosis instead of ignoring it. Always be your own advocate!" - Farrah Phillipo

"Where do I start?! Dr Braverman and Dr Vidali are amazing!!! They are the reason we have our little angel! To start we had a tough 3 years. 5 miscarriages and a lot of money spent let just say we had a tough ride and we didn't know how to get off it. My wife found a support group and more then one woman said I hear this Dr Braverman is amazing. Well we did our research and made an appointment. For starters very welcoming staff from top to bottom extremely helpful. I instantly found The Dr to be very patient and understanding and let's just say from our past Doctors who seemed to not want to do the work found it easy just to say very uninspiring and well mean things. "Where bound to have a good egg soon." Phrases like that and lack of compassion made my wife very skeptical and in a nice way not trusting. Dr Braverman and Dr Vidali were amazing with their patience, charisma and understanding. At times things were hard to understand but they took the time most of the time extra time to explain. After the blood work and research Dr Braverman chose to have my wife have surgery to get a closer look. Dr Vidali did the surgery and let's just say there is no cooler high energy brilliant caring man like Dr Vidali plus being Italian we connected immediately. He discovered a fibroid that was blocking our babies to grow past 6 weeks and with such enthusiasm knew immediately this was our problem. We had discussion about our next step and he idea both Doctors had different opinions and options it made me realize how they took each subject seriously and discussed it. Two weeks later from the surgery we tried naturally and got pregnant and now our little girl is 8 months old today. We owe them everything and want to tell everyone about them. The first thing Dr Braverman said is every case is completely different but they helped us hope they can help you!! They really are our heroes! I used that word before for sports figures or Artists but after this I really understand what heroes are. God bless them for our family." - John

"There is no way to truly thank someone who used their gift, to give you your ultimate gift. Feeling blessed and grateful, every day of my life." - Kim

"I worked with Dr. Vidali's office while I cycled in Florida and with our miracle drug Neupogen, we have our little miracle, a baby girl!"

"We came back to Dr. B and Dr Vidali after he helped us have a beautiful baby boy. We became pregnant again thanks to Doctor Vidali and the great Team with Him. He is a genius and we are so grateful he was able to complete our family!"

"I cannot recommend Dr Vidali & His Medical team highly enough, I found him incredibly easy to work with and the distance was never an issue. My son is a true miracle and we are so thankful to Our Medical Team and his amazing team for changing our world."

"I delivered a healthy and beautiful baby boy in Jan 2013. He is ours and he is sooo precious and its all thanks to the positive support and amazing treatment Dr Vidali gave me."

"If there is anyone contemplating working with Dr. Vidali out of state, do not feel discouraged, he is more available then most doctors locally."

"I'm so grateful for my healthy baby girl who came a few weeks early but very healthy. She is a true miracle and I am so thankful to Our Medical Team for making this possible."

"Dr. Braverman is a miracle worker! He is truly a caring and kind doctor who is treating woman that most other doctors have written off. I am holding my miracle 5 week old son right now thanks to Dr. Braverman. I recommend him highly!" - Renee

"Making miracles happen!" - Rachel

"After Endometriosis surgery with Dr Vidali, we were able to conceive Naturally after going through many rounds of IVF with our local RE. Excited, grateful and expecting our long awaiting bundle in a few months!!! Thank you!” - Sean