Endometriosis & Infertility

Infertility, IVF Failure, Egg Donation Failure and Miscarriage: The Role of Endometriosis

Our Approach to the Diagnosis & Treatment of Endometriosis:

  1. Immunological Evaluation.
  2. Clinical Evaluation.
  3. Surgical Diagnosis and Resection.
  4. A combination of Medical Immune Therapy with Appropriate Fertility Treatments.

If you have failed to conceive on your own for a long period of time or if you have failed multiple IUI, IVF or even Egg Donation Cycles, or had a history of miscarriages or late pregnancy complications, silent endometriosis has to be considered as one of the possible contributing factors. Our clinical and immunological assessment includes a thorough screening for the Presence of Endometriosis.

Scientific evidence shows that that immune system dysfunction may be associated endometriosis and specific immunological profiles are linked to a high probability of endometriosis.

We have identified genetic markers in the HLA gene as well as cytokine and cellular markers that can suggest the presence of endometriosis even without a single symptom. This is because we now understand that endometriosis is a symptom of an underlying autoimmune disease and now recognize that the underlying disorder must be treated medically as well as surgically for optimal results.

If you are Suffering from Endometriosis and wish to get Pregnant or if you live with Pain!

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Many doctors fail to consider the Presence of Endometriosis: this is particularly true in patients who only have subtle symptoms or no clinical symptoms: we call this silent endometriosis.

We have seen patients with multiple IVF failures whose doctors refuse to even consider a possible evaluation of endometriosis and continue recommending one IVF cycle after another. Although any surgery carries some risks, it is also true that repeat IVF cycles have consequences that are physical, psychological and financial. Once endometriosis is identified and treated, the appropriate fertility treatment is combined with immunological treatment.

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