Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story


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Reply Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Dec 27, 2011 at 6:41pm
My Patient Experience with Our Medical Team … 2010-2011

I sit here with a one month old, wiggly, precious, redheaded baby boy on my lap ~ something I was not sure was physically possible just one year ago ~ to share our history with you, in an attempt to offer hope & encouragement to other suffering families. After seven first-trimester miscarriages (six were consecutive, following one live birth), we had truly begun to lose hope of growing our family through my womb. My husband and I have always wanted a large family, and never really expected (in our naïveté) that it would be hard to fulfill those desires. We are daily thankful for our son born in 2008, whose life is miraculous in our eyes and who has only served to solidify our desire to have more children.

Since having our son, we struggled to have more children and finding peace with this aspect of our fruitfulness has been difficult. In the course of miscarrying seven times, we spent almost two solid years full of medical testing and research. We first started working with a local RE treating hypothyroidism and low progesterone; and shortly thereafter, when that did not solve our problems, we discovered the world of reproductive immunology. We worked with two RI clinics, pursuing various combinations of treatments including LIT (leukocyte immune therapy), monthly iv infusions (IVIG and/or iv-intralipids), progesterone (oral and vaginal), baby aspirin, Levothyroxine, Prednisone, Metanx in addition to extra calcium and prenatals and flax seed oil, & Lovenox shots. Quite the cocktail, indeed, and tailored anew with each pregnancy. But the Lord called home a few more of our babies even whilst on these complicated treatments.

This is when God then lead us directly to Dr. Braverman, whom my mother found via the internet during my eighth pregnancy in late 2010. When that baby boy died, we decided to leave behind our previous medical pursuits and start from scratch with Dr. B. We found him to be extremely cutting-edge and passionate about helping couples through their infertility and losses. He was quite literally our last shot, and as I emailed him in early December of 2010, “You wouldn't believe how badly I want to hope that I can have another baby (or three or five!).” We were trying to come to terms with giving up our dreams of having more children to raise, while also beginning to consider gestational surrogacy and infant adoption. But Dr. B told me not to give up hope because he had hope for me. After filling in some gaps with our history of testing, Dr. Braverman tailored a medical protocol for me that included many of my previous medications (Levothyroxine, Crinone, Metanx, Lovenox, PIO, etc), but replaced some of them with Neupogen injections. In January 2011 we began our last medical protocol, which was/is still considered quite experimental in the US. We were afraid to hope, yet Dr. B’s constant monitoring, tailoring, care, compassion, empathy, and encouragement drove us down the road of hope a bit more each week.

The Lord blessed my womb again in March 2011, and after a pregnancy full of trepidations but continual good news, God delivered our second miracle boy into our arms on (very appropriately) Thanksgiving morning 2011. The Lord truly worked wonders through the plethora of medical treatments He provided, and we are beyond grateful for His mercy in this. We are thankful to God for modern science to help us uncover and deal with my immunological problems. May He be glorified! Dr. Braverman was always available via email, and answered every question I ever threw at him. He was diligent in keeping up with us, even once my care was transferred over to my local OBgyn. Dr. B never gave up on us or on our little son’s life. He rejoiced with us on Thanksgiving over the birth of our baby, as he wrote, “The timing of [baby’s] arrival is truly amazing, what a great day… I love what I do.

In the course of just a year under the care of Dr. Braverman, we have gone from despairing of ever having another live baby come from my womb to actually delivering a live baby from my womb. This has refreshed our hope, renewed our dreams, and given us new avenues to spread awareness about RPL and reproductive immunology to the glory of God. This baby boy has not only changed our family but our church, and we hope that our story will continue to spread and impact the world. In addition, we have new hope that our family could grow yet again in the future and that our story has not yet reached its conclusion but simply a beautiful climax beginning a new chapter in the midst of our story.

So much of this is thanks to Dr. Braverman: the confidence and dedication he has shown us was life-changing, and the hope he inspired in us when we were at our most hopeless was a true blessing. We have never doubted his wisdom in the field or his dedication to pursuing success on our behalf. We are encouraged not only by our experience of success but also by Dr. B’s words that we have found our solution. He is one the greatest heroes in our life. We thank God for him.

We have learned that if there is one thing we can suggest to other couples suffering infertility and/or recurrent loss that would truly benefit them, it is to jump right in with the best and get a consultation with Our Medical Team. Why go elsewhere when passionate, cutting-edge care is available to everyone through this wise doctor? Looking down into my little baby’s deep blue eyes, there is no doubt that we are eternally indebted to this doctor, thankful for the gift of Neupogen, and eager to spread the word to other brokenhearted couples. If our story can give hope or encouragement to others, then our varied history, our deep pain and overwhelming grief, and even the seven short lives of our heaven-babies are being redeemed. Thanks be to God!


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RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Feb 6, 2012 at 11:56pm
That's such a beautiful success story and will definately give many women out there the hope they're looking for. After much heartach I too have a beautiful baby girl thanks to Dr. Braverman and Neupogen so I can really relate to your story.


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Reply RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Feb 7, 2012 at 9:49am
Thanks Hayley! I knew about you and was praying for your baby girl during my treatment. :)


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RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Feb 7, 2012 at 10:53am
Thank you for each and everyone of your prayers. We really needed them to bring our baby girl successfully into this world. I still look at her some days and can't believe she's actually here. I"m sure you do the same with your baby boy.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Feb 7, 2012 at 5:55pm
I guess neupogen also helps to make new friends!!
Braverman Medical Team
Braverman Reproductive Immunology P.C.


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RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Feb 7, 2012 at 11:33pm
Absolutely hee, hee. A friend that can understand exactly what we've been through. Someone who knows the miracle it took to bring these babies into the world.


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RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Mar 2, 2012 at 12:35pm
Firstly congratulations, so pleased to here of your happy ending and thanks for sharing your story as it gives people like me some hope.

I had my little boy in Nov 2008 and since then have had 4 miscarriages between 11 and 17 weeks (all normal genetically). I won't bore you with the details of what we have tried etc.. but having exhausted the UK (where we live) I am being treated by Dr Braverman. He has confirmed that we have 8HLA matches (including the 00&7?), DQalpha matches as well as already known issues such as hashimotos and thrombophilia.

I have been on Neupogen (+usual stuff) from 5 weeks (only found out I was pregnant then) and I am now 11 weeks pregnant and he has told me to stop Neupogen at 12 weeks as well as weaning off the prednisone. I'm obviously nervous and to be honest don't understand what the neupogen is doing wondered if you could tell me what you did and whether you had any treatment post 12 weeks?

Thanks again, Tanya xx


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Reply RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Jul 6, 2012 at 8:51am
Now, with our first Neupogen baby over seven months old, we are now also expecting our second Neupogen baby!
What a mercy! We're praying through these scary early days, and using the same medical protocol as last time. We hope that this next baby of ours will be a continued testimony of God's grace, as well as of the efficatious nature of Neupogen, for those who know our story.


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RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Jul 15, 2013 at 12:45am
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RE: Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story Posted on: Apr 22, 2014 at 8:43am
Hi message for Tanya,

I noticed you are UK based and having treatment with Our Medical Team.

Would you be able to advise how you did it, how long you needed to be in NY? we are thinking to go with him and would be grateful for some insight from someone who has gone through treatment.

My best wishes

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